The LemonTree Mission:

To connect and inspire musical innovators in a private, professional sanctuary of collective creativity.

LemonTree Info

All studios require a 12 month lease. Tenant should provide proof of gear and general liability insurance. Pricing per studio is a monthly GROSS amount, meaning ALL charges are in just ONE payment. NO surprises, or hidden fees.

Payment Includes:

  • Monthly Rent
  • 24 Hour-7 days a week access
  • All utilities-water, trash, electric, heat & AC
  • Security Camera System
  • Facility Management
  • 3x weekly cleaning of common areas
  • High Speed Internet
  • Off Street Parking

Only a few act, the rest of us reap the benefits of their risk. -Wynton Marsalis


Do you have any studios available?

How do I schedule a tour? I have questions.

I want to record my band. How much is it?
LemonTree does not directly provide recording services, though we’d be happy to refer you to one of our tenants.

What gear do the studios have?
None. We provide built out production spaces for your gear.

Do you rent by the day, month, or project?
No. All the studios are lock out for long term lease.

How long are you leases?
All first time leases are 12 months. We like to keep the change over to a minimum out of respect for all our tenants.

Can I live there?
No. Though you can work any hours of the day and night. (Naps are allowed)

Can my band rehearse there, too?
LemonTree is strictly for writing and recording. For everyone’s benefit no amplified rehearsal is allowed.

Is there office space?
There are options for that. Please inquire.

I’m a Producer, Manager, Publisher, Label with a company, including staff, could we all house there?
Yes, we have hosted companies with multiple studios and needs, in addition to independents.

What is the closest freeway?
Downtown has easy access to and from the 10, 5 and 101 Freeways all within a couple blocks. Highland Park is just blocks off the 110N.

Can I paint, decorate, or modify my studio?
Yes, making your space yours is encouraged. We request that you make arrangements with the landlord first. You’re required to repair, or repaint to original upon move out.

Are the studios “Soundproof?”
“Soundproof” is a poor term. At LemonTree, every professional construction measure available was planned and executed to deter sound from bleed.