LemonTree DTLA

The Downtown Los Angeles “Arts District “ is an expanding mecca of passionate, risk taking, forward thinkers pushing the boundaries of their crafts. In addition to artists, designers, chefs, photographers and the SciArc school of architecture, LemonTree neighbors Downtown Rehearsal, which brings hundreds of fellow musicians daily to the 7th & Santa Fe mix. In addition, Warner Bros. Music will be joining the neighborhood in the near future.

LemonTree Downtown offers seven private audio production spaces of varying sizes and lease rates:

  • Single– Single room acoustically treated and a double door to the hall.
  • Double– Two rooms acoustically treated, fully wired as live room, control room with double glass and doors between.

Studio rooms average 12’x14’, but do vary in size. They were professionally built out for audio production, featuring multi-layer walls, discreet electrical circuitry, solid core double doors, hardwood floors, double paned windows and professional acoustic treatment. Additionally included is your use of the musicians lounge, wireless internet, kitchen and plenty of free parking. LemonTree reflects the creativity, taste and standards that today’s enterprising audio professional deserves.

The way I work on music is that I go into my studio, and I start playing music, and I see what happens, andI never think about it. -Moby

The Building & Facility

Studio Layout

Downtown Layout Dimensions

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